Beans, themes and Wordpress decluttering

Always on the lookout for an antidote to Wordpress clutter, I've just discovered the Beans framework, which is really stripped down, clean and fast - this is the next one to try, and looking good.

The beauty of using Wordpress for a low cost website, is that you can start with the very basic and just keep building. This makes it really flexible and you can do just about anything with it. The downside is that after a while of using it in the real world, and adding plugins to do this and plugins to do that, it's not so fast and slick anymore. And so, the holy grail becomes how to keep things stripped down, small and fast. And that's not just about phones, simplicity is good for our heads too. and that's where we're at now.

And for website overhauls for cash-strapped organisations - where the budget indicates using an off-the-peg theme but you want something that looks unique and interesting, and won't break the website a couple of system updates down the line... Over the last few years, the answer has been to go for a robust theme framework. Having usedĀ Woo Canvas for a while now, I got enthusiastic about theĀ Theme Foundry's Make last year, when the issue was responsiveness and the fashion was for pagebuilders. Theme Foundry are really good on aesthetics, the (messier) Canvas on functionality, but, for the work I was doing at the time, functionality won out. Will Beans do the trick? I'm looking forward to trying it out.