Where does your kit come from?

Black Friday buyfest... a good time to ponder on Where does your kit come from? Who gets hurt by it? What can you do to help improve the situation?

Think complex supply chains, poor labour rights, low wages, toxic materials, unsafe working practicies. Think about the mountains of e-waste. Fix it or replace it, how do you choose? Here are a few ways you can try and influence the process to improve the situation a little.

HP (Hewlett Packard) probably makes your printer. They also provide the technology behind the Israeli occupation, profiting from the discrimination and oppression of Palestinians in the West Bank and within Israel. November 25 - December 3 is an international 'Week of Action Against HP' and on November 29th, 'London Action- HP’s Trade Fair'. Find out more about the international campaign to end HP’s involvement in Israel’s oppression.

Phones and gadgets - think toxic chemicals, labour rights, child labour, e-waste mountains and more. Check out some of the campaigns to bring transparency, accountability and improved practices into the supply chains. Read Dutch organisation SOMO on Electronics. Read Good Electronics Network on e-waste, and supplier companies.

Greenpeace campaigns towards a greener electronics with a particular focus on Samsung at the moment. Or check SumOfUs' campaign focussing on Apple using upgrades to build obsolesence into it's products.