What was I actually doing in 2016?

What was I actually doing in 2016? Looking back, there are a few patterns:

Email upgrades

As always, troubleshooting problems with email and mailing lists. This year, a welcome trend of organisations finally outgrowing the email bundled with their web-hosting, and moving over to Office 365. For UK registered charities especially, the cost is low, buying through Tech Trust.

Growing Wordpress websites

Adding functionality to Wordpress websites and linking them up with other web services. Continuing to upgrade and re-model websites to make them 'responsive'. There is now a general recognition that websites need to work properly on screens of all sizes, timely now that more people use the web on their phones than other devices.

Windows 10 up/downgrades

Rescuing people's laptops after Windows 10 upgrades and downgrades, intentional and accidental. The whole way Microsoft have handled this more or less forced and sometimes inappropriate 'upgrade', has caused a lot of frustration, lost time, and sometimes, lost machines.

Website support

Help and support to people setting up and running their own Wordpress sites, fixing bugs in websites - and I've restored hacked websites twice this year - a reminder that people really need to pay attention to the security and admin side of things, especially Wordpress users.