Website security - SSL and HTTPS

Should you be thinking about this? The short answer is yes! It's basically about encrypting website data, as it travels between servers and people's web browsers.

When you logon to your bank account for example, you will notice the https:// url and the green padlock icon in your browser's address bar. There is a move now for every website to be secure, not just banking and shopping sites. This matters where any transactions take place on websites - subscriptions, contact forms, donations. Google is enforcing this by penalizing websites that only run on HTTP. Better website security is relevant to GDPR compliance (data protection). If you have a simple brochure site, and don't use a contact form, then it's possibly not necessary, but it will look more professional. I'm happy to discuss upgrading your website to HTTPS with you. I can give you an idea of how much work is involved, and a quote, please get in touch. If you are running a WordPress website, and want to set it up yourself, 'Really Simple SSL' is the free plugin to use.

What Is HTTPS, and Why Should I Care?