Bone and Blood – a Berlin novel

mgbandb200I’ve just read ‘Bone and Blood’ by Margo Gorman. It’s the┬áIrish Berlin novel, and I really enjoyed it. It’s a different perspective on a slice of European history, based on fragments of a true story. It’s about a young Irish woman who escaped from her village to shiny, glamorous Berlin in the 1930’s, and got caught up in the second world war. Over half a century later, when the city is shiny again, another young woman is determined to tease the story out of her. Circumstances and people and how they shape each other. It has substance, it’s everyday, matter of fact, not glamorous, and real. I could connect with it. I like places, this is more about the relationships, but there are enough references (the building with the slanty windows) to make me happy.

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And, cemeteries make good history books, particularly this one, Alter St. Matthaus Kirchhof – which features in the book, is worth a visit (there’s a cafe too).