Ffestiniog log

nice covers: Snowdonia logs from Merseyside YHA

A set of walking guides for Snowdonia published by Merseyside YHA in the 1940’s. Love the cover illustrations > The Snowdon log, 1948, illustration by Frank Wolstenholme. The Berwyn log, 1947, illustration by Frank Wolstenholme. The Conway Valley log, 1949, illustration by Dennis Ives The FFestiniog Log, 1947, illustration by John Craigie. The Idwal log, […]

red roof and rain

water : over the hill and back

A short drive over a hill, and back again. Made exciting and dramatic by the amount of water pouring out of the sky, pouring off the cliffs, saturating the air, misting up windscreen and lenses alike. Very enclosing, a bit suffocating, and just wet (especially for the cows). Click an image and follow as a […]