mum and small kids building a sandcastle

archive : classic beach picture

This is a picture from my Dad’s carefully curated slide collection, my favourite from the ‘Us’ set. My mum, my sister, and myself on a Scottish beach, in the middle of the last century. I’m observing from the outside – I’ve no memory of this. I took the photo with a camera looking through the […]

red roof and rain

water : over the hill and back

A short drive over a hill, and back again. Made exciting and dramatic by the amount of water pouring out of the sky, pouring off the cliffs, saturating the air, misting up windscreen and lenses alike. Very enclosing, a bit suffocating, and just wet (especially for the cows). Click an image and follow as a […]

Rock Nook banner

Rock Nook – banners

Rock Nook banners is a small arty project drawing on the obvious association of cloth and mills, decaying buildings slowly losing their substance, structure, grids of windows, and ways of getting photos onto fabric. The project started as an exercise for learning how to do screen-printing with photos, and developed through the idea of build-your-own-mill […]

Rock Nook windows - details

Rock Nook Mill

Rock Nook Mill near Littleborough, background furniture on the canal path. Grid of windows, broken, boarded, scribbled on, catching the light as you walk past. Dark and looming in the rain, but gradually loosing its substance, particularly now the roof has gone, and the light is pouring in. Source material for a printing project.