Rock Nook banner

Rock Nook – banners

Rock Nook banners is a small arty project drawing on the obvious association of cloth and mills, decaying buildings slowly losing their substance, structure, grids of windows, and ways of getting photos onto fabric. The project started as an exercise for learning how to do screen-printing with photos, and developed through the idea of build-your-own-mill with grids of windows. Making banners, discovering sewing by hand can be quite restful and meditative, and so there were more sewn layers than were necessary really. Source photos.

Small banner: row of windows, screen printed and stitched onto cotton fabrics

small banner hanging

small banner flat

Larger banner: overlapping windows, screen printed and stitched onto cotton

larger banner hanging

larger banner flat

Soft banner: grid of windows, transfer printed and stitched, mixed fabrics

soft hanging banner

soft banner flat

All a bit messy, but they’re just the beginning of the idea 🙂