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Maine Saltwater Fishing
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Maine Saltwater Fishing
Maine Saltwater Fishing Welcome To Maine Saltwater Fishing Maine Saltwater Fishing

Bluefin Tuna

The bluefin tuna craze hit New England several years ago and has become one of the fastest growing “obsessions” in the fly-fishing industry along the northern East Coast. Every year bluefin tuna summer along the coast of Maine in an attempt to recover solicitar tarjetas de crédito en línea their fat reserves and build body mass after the migration from their spawning grounds in the Gulf of Mexico. Capt. John is there to greet them; he spends countless hours on the water chasing fish with a fly rod and is forever developing new techniques and flies for success with tuna.

This is considered one of the best and only places in the world to encounter bluefin tuna “INSHORE”, where fish can typically be found within 5-10 miles from the Portland shoreline. Tuna vary in size with the targeted fish being in the 40-120lb class. It’s also very common to see fish 150lb to 300lb’s crashing bait in frenzy. The tuna start to show up in good numbers mid-July and remain right through October. This is all SIGHT fishing and casting to surface feeding fish.

 Keep in mind you are chasing the “ultimate” game fish with the strength and speed like no other fish on the east coast. It takes skill and teamwork to land a bluefin but Capt. John will give you great opportunity to do so. These fish are something everyone should see and if your heart does not pound like a racehorse you had better see your doctor….


Typical day runs 7 hrs = $550 for 1 or 2 anglers 

You can add a third angler for $100 for a total of $600

Extended trips are arranged at $100/hr

Maine Saltwater Fishing

Maine Saltwater Fishing
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